Design Restoration

The conservation and restoration of design find his place in the category of Contemporary Arts. It is a recent developed kind of art, and for this reason recent are also the questions that need an answer, and very complex is also the theory, the operating procedures and the materials on which we’ll work on.

Mnemosyne Services works since many years in the field of conservation and restoration of Contemporary Art. Through these, often during the last decades, we had the possibility to work on a very large number of design objects made with many different materials.
Mnemosyne worked in these years on furniture and vintage style furnishing from 1930s, and then on objects such as Tulip from Eero Saarinen, Gio Ponti, the ‘’tappeti natura’’ from Piero Gilardi, Achille Castiglioni, Ettore Sottsas, until the most recent creation made with polyurethane elastofiber of Gaetano Pesce.
The materials are the most unexpected, because we can jump from veneered panels to printed resins objects and polyurethane of various nature. This large variety and instability of recent materials such as plastics, which follows the taste of the period and are in constant developing, require thoughts and an extra-cautious approach.

For Mnemosyne the starting point is always the study, the research and a long phase of test and trials. When is possible and necessary we contact the artist, the archive and the products industries. In this case, the equipe became larger to find an answer to most of the questions that these objects are posing.