Videos, accompanied by ad hoc evocative music, captures and brings attention to chosen themes and subjects. The realisation of products of this kind is based on in-depth knowledge of videomaking techniques, in collaboration with competent experts in the art sector.

Mnemosyne offers an editing service by creating innovative videos, thanks to the collaboration of professionals in the field of video and music. These productions are specifically designed for the cultural heritage sector.

This kind of service has several benefits: it is useful for documenting the different phases and operations of restoration, recovery and requalification of an object; it creates interest in the object of intervention, making it more enjoyable and enhancing its artistic and cultural value; it can also be a fundamental tool in exhibitions and enhancement initiatives.

Since 2018, Mnemosyne Servizi has been collaborating with LegVideo on the design and realisation of filming for the Video Editing section.

This is a consolidated partnership that allows us to operate in total confidence even in complex museum or exhibition contexts, which require attention from the operators.

Mnemosyne Servizi’s target audience is not only museums and exhibitions, but also other operators in the sector (restorers, diagnosticians, etc.) in order to document extremely specialised areas, who can rely on professionals from the same backgrounds.