Mnemosyne Art Consulting is the section that, through a network of consultants, provides assistance and support for expertise, asset valuations and assistance in buying and selling.

We employ experts who carry out due diligence on works of art, antiques and collectibles, for insurance, estate (divisions, inheritances) and investment purposes, as well as assessing their value.

Thanks to Mnemosyne’s in-house services, we offer comprehensive consultancy for the management and valorisation of artistic heritage and collections.

Cataloguing, management and filing services complete the offer for the subsequent reorganisation or valorisation of collections.

Valuations and estimates

With the help of experts in various fields of art, we are able to provide expertise and appraisals of individual works, collections, fonds and collections. We are able to verify the authenticity of artworks and take care of their eventual archiving.

Preliminary studies, investigations  and the identification of the expert of reference allow us to develop the work of assessing the value and authenticity of the object to be appraised. For modern and contemporary art, we establish a relationship with the artist’s archive or foundation in order to support the archiving process.

Imports and exports consultancy

Art Consulting by Mnemosyne Servizi is able to prepare all the necessary documentation relating to import and export licences for artworks. With the Exhibit service we have a number of collaborators who are able to guarantee the safe transport of works of art anywhere in the world.

Art advisor – investments

We are able to provide support to diversify and increase the value of the investment portfolio, but also to verify the due diligence of works (provenance, attributions, dating). We can also provide specific services for the inventory, cataloguing and filing of collections, as well as the design of enhancement paths.