Mnemosyne Servizi

Mnemosyne Servizi is a project born in 2012 by the restorer Paolo Gili, owner of the company and  doctor in Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Heritage qualified for the profession. Thanks to its team of highly qualified professionals and constant collaborations, Mnemosyne Servizi offers highly specialized services in the conservation and management of art and cultural heritage.

The group is made up of qualified professionals with decades of experience and constantly updated and claim a high level of problem solving in the management of complex interventions.

The Art Consulting section provides assistance and support for expertise, asset valuations and buying and selling assistance, through an established network of consultants.

Paolo Gili

Referent and coordinator of the Mnemosyne Servizi group, he graduated with profit in Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Heritage at the CCR “La Venaria Reale”, (class LMR / 02 – qualifying pursuant to Legislative Decree no. 42/2004), specializing in the recovery of painted artifacts on wooden and textile support, carved wooden artifacts, furnishings and wooden structures, artifacts assembled and / or painted synthetic materials.

Started collaborating on prestigious interventions since 2004 at the Giovine and De Vero Laboratory where, since 2009, he has been in charge of the multispectral diagnostic photographic laboratory. During the degree course he participates in several internships (Franchetti Gallery in Venice; Opificio delle Pietre Dure Institute in Florence and National Museum of Modern Art in Rome) in which he has the opportunity to deal with masterpieces by the great masters of contemporary and modern art between such as Balla, Hartung, Licini, Modigliani, Morandi and Van Gogh. Later he perfected himself by measuring himself on the corpus of Pinot Gallizio, works by Ruggeri, Davico, Carol Rama, Gastini, De Chirico, Appel Karel, Parmeggiani, Casorati, Giulio Turcato. He participates with unpublished interventions in important national and international conferences (Turin, Ferrara, Lisbon and Rome). At the same time, he continues the diagnostic and documentation activity with in-depth analysis of computational and multi-shot photography techniques. In 2018 he inaugurates the Mnemosyne Servizi headquarters in Turin.

The laboratory

THE LABORATORY –  Mnemosyne Servizi has a large laboratory of more than 200 square metres, suitable for hosting works of all kinds. The approach to interventions follows consolidated procedures that always start from a study phase supported by diagnostic activities and then design. The work is carried out in teams to ensure, through an interdisciplinary and self-critical approach, innovative and high-profile results.

The Users

THE USERS – Mnemosyne Servizi responds to the needs of public and private entities of all kinds: museums, foundations, banking institutions, companies, galleries, auction houses, institutions, collectors, secular and religious associations. The company is active both nationally and internationally.

Mnemosyne Servizi is privileged to be able to offer its expertise to……

Mnemosyne Servizi is available to the customer with attention to detail, relationship care, professionalism and complete confidentiality.

Partnerships and Networks

Mnemosyne Servizi is pleased to collaborate and be part of the Project Marta – Monitoring Art Archive network, a service focused on the drafting of a technical data sheet created by the curator Benedetta Bodo di Albaretto in collaboration with technicians specialized in restoration, handling and law of art, which arises from the confrontation with the contemporary artist and aims to protect his works over time. Project Marta is an innovative tool in line with the recent provisions of the Mibact regarding museum acquisitions, as the technical sheet includes a series of suggestions and best practices for the use and ordinary and extraordinary maintenance of the work that simplify its conservation, minimise the risks of accidental damage and reduce post-sale misunderstandings.

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