Gaetano Pesce swatch

Design Restoration

The conservation and restoration of design find his place in the category of Contemporary Arts. It is a recent developed kind…

Collections management

Mnemosyne Servizi is able to offer multiple support services for the management and proper conservation of individual works or entire collections,…
lacche orientali

Oriental lacquers

Oriental artefacts have technical peculiarities and the use of such characteristic materials that determine very strict rules of conservation. These objects,…

Large formats

Mnemosyne Servizi is able to manage and attend on large-format, composite, complex and polymateric works. Large painted canvases, sculptural groups, contemporary…

The Services

Mnemosyne Servizi specializes in consulting, design and implementation of restoration interventions, in graphic, photographic, multispectral, compilation documentation and in the creation of management databases. The company also offers census and cataloging services, services dedicated to the movement of artworks, exhibits and enhancement paths.

The laboratory specializes in ordinary and extraordinary maintenance of ancient, modern and contemporary art, furnishings, design and industrial productions. The laboratory is equipped to work on a wide range of diversified materials such as: artefacts painted on wooden and textile support; sculptures in wood, bone, ivory and wax; manufactured items in processed, assembled and / or painted synthetic materials; paper and parchments; photos; works of contemporary art and installations; furnishings, wooden structures, frames, gilding and lacquering; oriental lacquers textile and leather articles; wall paintings, stone artefacts, stuccos and mosaics; metals, ceramics and glass.

Mnemosyne Servizi usually attends on protected assets in collaboration with the superintendencies in charge.


Contemporary art, old and modern paintings, canvases, panels, furniture, wood, polychrome sculptures, textiles, leather, stone, metals, ceramics, glass…


Restoration choices are guided by knowledge of the state of conservation of the work and the level of reversibility of degradation.


Mnemosyne combines documentation and design activities with restoration, research and experimentation.


Mnemosyne Servizi is able to offer various support services for the management and proper conservation of individual works and collections, whether private or museum.


Mnemosyne offers specific services for everything related to enhancement; designing and implementing promotion and fruition paths, improving the usability of a single work or of an entire collection


The videos are designed for the field of cultural heritage and in particular restoration with the aim of involving and making accessible complex or specifically technical information, to document the operations related to the restoration and rehabilitation of an asset, enhancing its artistic and cultural value.


This is the section of the company that, through a network of consultants, provides assistance and support for expertise, asset valuations and assistance in buying and selling.

Special services


Mnemosyne is able to design and manage interventions on extra-large works, such as large painted canvases, groups of sculptures or complex installations.


Elastic tensioning is an innovative technique that was invented by Roberto Carità in the 1950s and has been extensively studied and developed in recent decades.


Mnemosyne Servizi offers highly specialised services in the conservation and management of art and cultural heritage. The group is made up of qualified professionals with decades of experience who are constantly being updated, and claim a high level of problem solving in the management of complex interventions.


Mnemosyne Art Consulting is the section of Mnemosyne Servizi that, through a network of consultants, provides assistance and support for expertise, asset valuations and assistance in buying and selling.

THE LABORATORY – The large laboratory, covering over 200 square metres, is suitable for works of all types and sizes. The approach to works follows consolidated procedures that always start from a study phase supported by diagnostic activities and then design. The work is carried out in teams to ensure, through an interdisciplinary approach, innovative and high-profile results.

THE USERS – Mnemosyne Servizi is active both nationally and internationally and responds to the needs of public and private entities of all kinds: museums, foundations, banks, companies, galleries, auction houses, institutions, collectors, lay and religious associations.

Mnemosyne Services provides its customers with attention to detail, care, professionalism and complete confidentiality.

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