Mnemosyne Special Services is a section dedicated to all those skills that we believe it is important to bring to the client’s attention. In fact, thanks to some peculiarities of the laboratory in which we operate, thanks to some unusual work opportunities and to specific attitudes and interests of the group, Mnemosyne Servizi has gained important experience in some unusual or exceptional fields, together with the competence and mastery of techniques that are very useful for conservation, but rarely used.


Mnemosyne Servizi is able to manage and attend on large-format, composite, complex and polymateric works. Large painted canvases, sculptural groups, contemporary art installations.

The large spaces of the laboratory and the modularity of the rooms allow an easy management of the large works in all phases of work. Continuous updating and the experience gained to date allow us to plan the handling of the largest and heaviest objects in partnership with companies specialised in packaging and transport of artworks.


Mnemosyne Servizi is specialised in the management of large-format canvases and in the design and realisation of elastic tensioning of textile supports, including curved or shaped works.

RTI Reflectans Transformation Imaging

RTI is a technique to investigate surface morphology by acquiring reflection information that characterises the surface of the object. It is a photographic technique that refers to the field of non-invasive multispectral diagnostics. You can learn more about the topic in the section of the dedicated website (RTI)

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