Restoration Conservation Maintenance

restauro conservazione manutenzione

Restoration must ensure the material survival of the work and aim to restore it to its original appearance, respecting the changes that have taken place over time. Restoration is therefore a critical and not merely technical discipline, which finds its raison d’être in the dialectic between the various professionals involved.”

The laboratory specializes in the restoration and ordinary and extraordinary maintenance of ancient, modern and contemporary art, furnishings, design and industrial productions. The laboratory is equipped to work on a wide range of diversified materials as described below.

The restoration, conservation and maintenance service is the main area in which Mnemosyne Servizi operates, providing complete management and intervention support in specific cases where there are heterogeneous groups of assets or polymateric works.

The offer of specific services for the maintenance and proper management of collections is nowadays revealed as the best care for works of art. Restoration should possibly be considered as a extrema ratio.

We deal with

Painted boards and canvases

Modern and Contemporary

Wooden furnishings and structures

Wall paintings and stone artefacts

Metals, ceramics and glass

Paper and Parchment Materials

Oriental lacquers

Wooden sculptures


Furniture and Design