documentazione fotografica

Documenting means researching, processing and disseminating information. The communication of knowledge must take place by means of files drawn up according to strict criteria and homogeneous procedures. The ultimate aim is to provide the artefacts of interest, or more generally the collections and assets of great importance for the cultural heritage, with complete and exhaustive documents that can support future studies and research by making the reading of the various work processes carried out accessible

Mnemosyne Services combines documentation with restoration, researches and experiments. Photography is one of the first and fundamental aspects of documentation, on which we can develop graphic map and 3D mapping. The working group are able to merge different type of data ( found through historical researches, diagnostic analysis, conservation) in multimedia instruments which can make immediate the fruition and that can simplify the comprehension. Last, it is possible to make editorial projects.

Mnemosyne services provide different inventory,census and cataloguing,  graphic documents of the objects and the place where it operates. The photographic sector, thanks to computations techniques multishot allows to use instruments with a lot of potential, which allow us to realize panoramic pictures, mosaicking, focus stacking, super-resolution and HDR. With other partners Mnemosyne Services does 3D mapping, which can end in a 3d print, also for educational purposes.

3D relief and printing

Compilation- Database

Graphic mappings and Reliefs

Photography and multi-shot techniques