Mnemosyne Servizi, addressing individuals and companies, provides complete support in the management of collections of artworks. This area includes study and archival research, inventorying, cataloguing, maintenance.

We are able to provide a complete and integrated support with specific and complementary services for documentation, diagnostics, restoration, loan management and art consulting.

Study and Archive research

Knowledge passes through the study of the individual assets of their history and the network of a system of relationships between objects and the context in which they are.

Knowing is the first step to be able to approach the work consciously in the restoration phases, but also to be able to provide evaluations, examination and to be able to carry out specific conservation projects up to create a museum itinerary.


Mnemosyne has specific IT tools for inventorying and cataloging that are customised according to specific needs. The information collected traces complete profiles of each individual work, from those of a historical and artistic nature to those relating to the state of conservation.

The workflow provides for a protocol articulated in different, modular and independent activities:

  • recognition of assets
  • documentation
  • collection, study and sorting of pre-existing information material
  • historical, artistic and archival research
  • economic evaluation (Art Consulting)
  • implementation of data in the management system
  • preparation of maintenance and enhancement procedures, etc.

Scheduled and periodic maintenance

Mnemosyne Servizi is able to offer multiple assistance services for the management and correct conservation of individual works and collections, private or museum. Specifically, it carries out periodic, scheduled and preventive maintenance, starting multi-year programs for monitoring the conditions of the environments and maintaining the correct conservation conditions of the assets.

Specifically, Mnemosyne Servizi has created a management protocol called MnemosyneCMA. It is a multi-year maintenance and management service of public and private collections, which includes a period of study, implementation and finally maintenance, aimed at monitoring and controlling the works and their conservation environment.