fluorescenza Uv

Contained within matter, an artwork – tangible evidence of an artist’s genius and talent – is also affected by the effects of time, inevitably incurring certain forms of alteration. Thanks to the advancement of scientific research in the field of Cultural Heritage, it is now possible to know the state of conservation of the work and assess the level of reversibility of deterioration, based on in-depth analysis of its components. The information obtained from the artistic diagnostics makes it possible to orientate restoration choices, to be maintained in accordance with the theory of minimum intervention.

Artistic diagnostics is a fundamental support for any design or intervention phase. It is such a broad field that in-depth knowledge is required in order to be able to structure effective diagnostic proposals for solving cognitive problems of the work and/or functional restoration work. Involving various professionals, Mnemosyne Servizi is a pivotal tool capable of modulating the in-depth diagnostic protocol according to the conditions and needs of the work, limiting the time and cost of the operations.

The types of investigations presented respond to the requirements of conservation entities, giving interventions and projects aimed at the restoration of movable and immovable works a scientific and ethical-professional value.

Additional diagnostic services

Mnemosyne Services continues to develop and implement its plan of services and offers. In cases where the working group deems it essential to carry out further diagnostics on the assets in question, these will be performed by external specialised laboratories. Mnemosyne only works with selected, highly qualified partners.

Black and white infrared

False-colour infrared

UV fluorescence

Raking light