Oriental lacquers

Oriental artefacts have technical peculiarities and the use of such characteristic materials that determine very strict rules of conservation. These objects, extremely delicate and refined in their details, are very sophisticated thanks to the use of precious materials, as metals, fabrics, wood, ceramics and bones, included in the layers of lacquer.

Urushi lacquer is a resin extracted from the exudate of certain trees in Asia, such as Toxicodendron Vernicifluum. Urushi lacquer works are so varied and characterised as to require specific and highly qualified training for professionals. The result is a highly specific field in the conservation of lacquers and oriental artefacts in general, in which study, comparison with professionals in this field in Italy and abroad, and continuous updating is the way Mnemosyne Servizi works.

The restoration of oriental lacquers and artefacts is approached as a team because scientific and technical support in all phases of the work is essential for the restorer. Oriental art researchers, diagnosticians and restorers can together achieve the best conservation results and methodological approach in this very specific field.