Wooden furnishings and structures

Wooden furnishings are extremely complex artefacts that cannot be considered simple antiquarian and complementary objects. The technical and methodological approach for this kind of work is the same that Mnemosyne Servizi adopts, as a consolidated practice, in the more traditional sectors of restoration, starting with cleaning, with total respect for the original finishes, if present, and the patina of the wood.

Mnemosyne Servizi works on both antique and modern furniture, restoration of doors and gates, coffered ceilings and antique parquets.

In this field the group is able to provide a complete service of restoration and restoration of the ironware of the works and a particular expertise on finishing and polishing.

restauro palchetto parquet

Mnemosyne Servizi intervenes exclusively on antique and valuable parquets with operations that cannot be compared to those carried out by the carvers. The intervention is carried out with the same technical and methodological approach as that reserved for antique furniture, it is a real restoration of wooden floors. The original material and its patina are preserved as much as possible, proceeding with caution without aggressive abrasive tools such as deep sanding and also avoiding revealing any possible woodworm galleries, which are always an element of imperfection and aesthetic devaluation. Mnemosyne also carries out complete disassembly and temporary removal of floors in order to work on the supporting warps or the extrados of the underlying masonry.

restauro soffitti a cassettoni

The restoration of coffered ceilings always leads to unexpected results, whether the ceilings are wooden or decorated. The company is equipped with specific equipment such as the Ibix micro-sandblasting system with HELIX for the gradual removal of discolouration or inconsistent finishes. Some fundamental steps in the restoration of wooden ceilings are the removal of possible causes of humidity and infiltration that can cause the formation of gore, swelling of the wood and possible triggering of biotic attacks. Another fundamental intervention is the suctioning of earth and sand and the complete sealing of all cracks, the treatment against woodworm and the correct use of varnishes and finishes.


Mnemosyne offers complete cabinetmaking services with restoration operations of antique and modern veneers and panelling, consolidation of structures, turning, integration and reconstruction with antique woods. The field of carving and sculpture, where the reconstruction of missing parts is necessary, interweaves ancient knowledge with the most modern techniques of laser scanning and 3D printing or modelling with numerically controlled cutters carried out by partners of the group.


Restoration work on doors and gates requires experience and expertise, Mnemosyne, through its teams, offers services aimed at restoring doors, gates and letterboxes. Mnemosyne Services offers advantageous and specific maintenance contracts for apartment buildings in order to avoid expensive restoration work. Periodic routine maintenance avoids the need for extensive and expensive work and keeps the common areas of the building in good condition. The company works both on wooden parts and, in the case of metal parts, on all hardware, even reconstructing missing or deteriorated parts.


A peculiar area in which Mnemosyne Servizi intervenes is the recovery and restoration of all the ironware of furniture, doors and gates, recovering and restoring the original also reproducing any missing parts in fusion by third parties, then proceeding with appropriate galvanic baths. Attention to detail in metal applications, bosses, brass threads and knobs is crucial, as is the recovery and re-functionalization of antique locks for which it is possible to restore even the missing keys.

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