Colombotto Rosso

Colombotto Rosso Museum Depot, Municipality of Pontestura (AL) – Study and application of a reversible magnetic display method.

Enrico Colombotto Rosso (1925-2013)

The E. Colombotto Rosso Museum Depot  was opened in 2002 and consists of over 150 works donated by the artist to the Municipality of Pontestura. The museum is the richest collection of the artist’s works, including paintings on canvas, chine and pastels and oils on paper, and etching plates.

In 2003, Mnemosyne Servizi was engaged by the museum to restore some of the works, and to provide assistance and advice for the recovery and enhancement of the collection. During the inspection, some critical issues emerged regarding the exhibition method adopted and the materials used.

For this reason, an innovative method was designed and applied to place the works in frames without altering the aesthetic effect desired by the artist himself. Mnemosyne Servizi developed a completely reversible magnetic system to support the works inside the frames, guaranteeing the correct aeration of the supports, avoiding contact of the works with unsuitable materials and the possibility of inspecting and maintaining the paintings correctly.


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